Enjoy and reduce stress with a soothing massage at the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa. All of your spa treatments were designed with you in mind.


Suffering a lot stress lately? Want to relieve yourself?

Enjoy and reduce stress with a soothing massage at the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa. All of your spa treatments were designed with you in mind. Spoil yourself, your partner, or shared amongst friends and family. Change your routine by enjoying one of our spa packages and relaxing treatments that coincide with your desires after a day of adventure, special time with your partner, or during your pregnancy.   

Pamper your body with organic and natural products in a relaxing atmosphere.

The massages are available to guests staying at the hotel, as well as, outside guests.  Please email us to schedule your next appointment.



Body massage

A great massage combined with the purest and most natural essential oils which will help your body circulation, reduce mental and physical fatigue, and above all eliminate the toxins.  We offer several types of body massages, such as; stress relieving, and massages with coffee, chocolate, clay, hot stones, reiki, wine, hydrotherapy & herbal. Any of these body massages take an hour of relaxing, energizing, and rejuvenating dimension to your leisure or adventure travel in Mindo.  Facial or after sun treatments are also available at the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa.

Price: from US$ 50 per person + tax


Spa Getaway Package

As soon as you walk in the spa room, the aroma will hit you with a freshly ground coffee.  Relax and rejuvenate with luscious full body coffee massages. Our organic coffee essential oil is designed to make you feel restored and revitalized, to enjoy your time to the most.

You can select from a variety of our essential oils, such as, chocolate, wine, or fruits instead of coffee.

Duration: 1 hour  - US$ 55 per person + tax



Romantic Spa Package

Share this relaxing moment with your couple and discover the benefits of this one full day romantic package. More and more couples join us when they need to relax and eliminate stress.  Pamper both of you with the rich textures of pure chocolate, cocoa-based cream or oil on your body. Feel the benefit of the chocolate: firms your skin and moisturizes it. A full day at the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa starts from 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. It includes:


  • Adventure activity : tubing, zip line, rappelling or horseback riding

  • Coffee tour

  • Flower water massage

  • Stress relief massage

  • Body scrub

  • Aromatherapy

  • Music therapy

  • Facial treatment

  • Glass of wine

  • Lunch

  • Pool

Duration: Full day – US$ 115 + tax



After a Day of AdventurePackage

After a busy adventure day, there is nothing more relaxing than receiving a great body massage with your personal therapist and wellness organic coffee products harvested in the lodge: coffee scrub, coffee infused oils, and coffee facial mask. This package can be used another product as chocolate, wine, or fruits instead of coffee.

This package includes:


  • Flower water massage

  • Body scrub

  • Stress relief massage

  • Facial treatment

  • Special and natural drink to cleanse your body

  • Breakfast or lunch

Duration: 1 hour  - US$ 85 + tax



Ritual Spa for Expecting Mothers

During pregnancy massages have a relaxing effect relieving body aches and fatigue endowing new strength to embrace the rest of your pregnancy. Our Day Spa for Expecting Mothers is your time to be pampered with body treatments in areas of your head, neck, back, legs, and feet, avoiding the belly area.

This package includes:


  • Stress relief massage

  • Relaxation massage

  • Facial treatment

  • Scalp massage

  • Aromatic tea

Duration: 1 hour  - US$ 75 + tax

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